I create promotional films, eCommerce stores, trade show kits & corporate brands.


I’m Extremely passionate about self-worth, self-awareness, & expression of creativity. I’m a strong supporter of equal rights for gender, ethnicity, sexuality. I’m a massive advocate for self-education in a digital era.

I've lived in Asheville, NC my whole life. The culture, the vibe, the people make it my favorite place in the world. (Charleston, SC & Tybee Island/Savanna GA coming in close second) In this film, I explain a lot more about the promotional films I create & take you through a day in the life of Asheville, often not seen by a tourist.

Father of 4 boys - Eyden Ezerah (5, artistic), King Elijah Cruz (3, strong-willed), Titan Landon (1, playful), & Maverick Storm (due in September). Husband to Laura (quick-witted, candid photographer). In love with the process of documenting life through film: where memories live on, and those memories can alter the perspective of any one viewer. Changing how they value themselves and quality of life.

I’m the Creative Director of New Human, a multi-million dollar holistic tech & botanical company (M-F). Scroll down to learn more about my weekend services.

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Weekend Services. Watch the film below to better understand what I can do for you.


Create Promotional Films

In today’s world, if your business isn’t online, it’s dead. Customers look up reviews and check your social media accounts before visiting your store. If you’re in the Asheville area, we can get together on Saturday and create a promotional film for your business. You can talk about your story or about your latest product. The choice is yours.

We’ll go over the critical who, what, when, where, why and hows of your business or product. You’ll be able to share your promotional film on Facebook, Youtube, your website and newsletter. Request a quote above.


Design Tradeshow Kits

If you’re in need of beautifully crafted design deliverables for your next trade show event, I’ve got you! I specialize in designing cohesive brochures, flyers, banners, and posters in high volume.

It’s very hard to produce 1000s of prints for several assets on a time crunch and still nail the quality and message across the board. I’ve spent 10 year perfecting my craft - you’re in good hands.

I take pride in providing a consistent, immersive brand experience across the board. Get your prospect’s attention at your next event. Request a quote above.

Build eCommerce Stores & Websites

If you need something that does more than stand out, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in building advanced online stores that can handle millions of dollars in revenue every year, connect to common payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, as well as affiliate and educational builds.

All stores are built to be maintained by your team with easy drag and drop elements. Use conditional logic to show things to customers based on if they’re logged in, have purchased a specific product in the last 7 days or new to your website. Request a quote above.

Branding & Identity

Branding is the core of every business. Branding, if you follow Gary Vee, is more important than transactional sales. And I’d agree. I personally recommend any company, no matter how large or small have some sort of personal brand.

Personal branding translates to fluidity of products and services. It makes your company human. And makes mixing everything that makes the founder them cohesively with the company. Although these are ideals, most of the world still does not tick to this clock. Understandable. If you’re in need of a traditional logo and identity that can carry your legacy and deliver your message clearly to the world. I’ve got you. I’ve been doing branding and identity for over 10 years. People love how clear, clean and concise my logos are. Fill out the form above to get a quote.


If you’re interested in having your wedding filmed, click the link for a downloadable wedding info packet you can share with your significant other. My wife also does wedding photography. http://bit.ly/2TnoOpA

Take a look at my latest portfolio shorts (1min and top downs)

It’s very important that you not only may your work available for Youtube, but for the whole world. I’ve created a format for full length Youtube and Facebook films that can be turned in to Micro films for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Every piece of micro content promotes awareness back to the feature film and doubles as an ad creative to advertise my work. Banger.


How to Create Films


Creative Direction w. Will Mosley