Will Mosley, Creative Director

Will Mosley, Creative Director

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Okay, this on is insanely important for me and for a lot of vloggers out there. I've developed a very specific, recognizable style that many say it's like they're right there with me, they love the snaps, flips throughs, extremely fast hard cuts. They love the emotion, the city and the heart. They love the soundtrack and the message behind the madness. I use a mix of vocals, piano scores, future base and fast paced rap.

I made this film not only to show you exactly how I create my films but to also act as a reminder for future Will when he's feeling discouraged or deep in the wormhole of trends. Last year's "How to vlog like William Mosley by William Mosley" inspired me to get back on track with my roots and perspective.

Film topics


1:23 Start with one idea

2:47 Use the 24mm f 2.8

2:57 My main vlog setup

4:13 Bokeh / Nice blurry backgrounds

5:07 Vlogging confidence

5:47 15 seconds of courage

6:23 RX100V the secret camera

7:46 Where should I vlog?

8:16 Use your beast camera when you can

8:20 Use your small camera in the store

8:27 Stop caring about the looks

9:02 Indoor and outdoor cameras

10:09 Using the 75 - 300

10:55 When wet, switch to the GoPro

11:12 Be willing to go out when others won't

11:35 You're going to crash your drone

12:05 How I'm droning

14:51 Start your first vlog right now


Film soundtracks



Watch Out Summer - DJ DENZ The Rooster

Wail - Homebody

Stuck To - Justnormal

Site Specific Memory - Polar Nights

Salmon Challis - By Lotus

Peach Clouds - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

LBL - Cospe

Go Undercover (Tribute Version 2) - Martin Hall


Gear in this film: https://www.heywillmosley.com/gear


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I'm extremely passionate about self-worth, self-awareness, & expression of creativity. I’m a strong supporter of equal rights for gender, ethnicity, sexuality. I’m a massive advocate for self-education in a digital era.


Father of 4 boys - Eyden Ezerah (5, artistic), King Elijah Cruz (3, strong-willed), Titan Landon (1, playful) & Maverick Storm (due in September). Husband to Laura (quick-witted, candid photographer).


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