Will Mosley, Creative Director

Will Mosley, Creative Director

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My Youngest Son - a Rainbow Baby One Year Later: Titan Landon Mosley

My Youngest Son - a Rainbow Baby One Year Later: Titan Landon Mosley

Photo credit Laura Mosley

I remember the first time hearing that word: TITAN

If you were born in 1989, you might remember the movie coming (6.16.00)

I remember seeing the movie and being instantly transported to another world.

We saw the name again on a truck in passing on our way home from Charleston year before last and Laura said, what do you think about the name “Titan” and that was it.

Fast forward a few days before his birth.

I was anxious but extremely excited. Determined to have a great experience. I even created a vlog about what I was packing for the hospital.

It’s amazing to just see the expressions on my face. So crazy.

We got to the hospital on Apr 5, 2018, and it was so unlike the experience with Eyden, our first born. (It was a blizzard and the staff was horrible)

The reason why this guy was so special (other than being a life) was he was our rainbow baby. Laura and I talk in detail about this in our Podcast — Kids & Marriage with Laura and Will. (37mins)

This film you’re about to see. It’s extremely close to my heart. It’s one I’m most proud of. At the time, trying to film and experience the moments was a lot, even getting it edited the same day to share with the world was insane, but I’m SO HAPPY I did. It tugs at my heart and will be something I remember forever.

Laura’s mom was over yesterday, and she’d never seen it. I can tell that it hit home with her ❤ .

We wanted the boys to experience seeing their younger brother at the hospital and I needed to get Laura some grub for doing such an amazing job.

It may be in the film above or another one on my Youtube channel that shows us bringing Titan home.

As the year progressed, I had time to create a simple letter to my boys.

And capture memories of mama and the boys playing.

This one is one of my favorites. The innocence of being young is nothing that can be replaced or replicated. I wish that my boys feel this way forever.

Now fast fast forward to 1 year later. His Birthday

It was a chill/stressful day. Not sure if you can have both, but it definitely as. Maybe stressful to begin with and chill in the ending. Kind of like those candles that burn Cinnamon and the Vanilla.

I woke up this morning and created a Mosley Mashup of my youngest son. Tired as I was (just like in labor) I’m so happy I did. It makes me appreciate the documentation process as I can reference back all of these memories in film and string together a story in video, audio, photo & written word.

I hope you’ve enjoyed. These memories are so beautiful. I encourage you to start vlogging and documenting. Don’t be afraid of the camera and to show your true self. Will

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