Will Mosley, Creative Director

Will Mosley, Creative Director

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The Sony RX100V Is That Annoying Sister You Love Unconditionally

The Sony RX100V Is That Annoying Sister You Love Unconditionally

Update: I previously wrote this blog a bit upset at a high spend for a low yield, but figured I’d revise it to fit my latest perspective since owning the camera for 4 months. Spoiler alert, I dropped it and it died.


Okay, let me start by saying I’ve been drolling over the RX100V camera for the past 6 months now. I’ve been working off of a Canon SL2 which has provided pretty good results but was tough to use in low light and lacked the dynamic range I wanted.


By all means this camera was perfect for what I needed. But I needed something better. Something that would solve all of my problems in a smaller package.

Sara Dietchy was getting good results. And good results one year later

I decided to create a facebook donation to get the Sony RX100V for my 30th birthday.

Um, that didn’t work. They said it wasn’t a charitable cause. Whattt, making it 30 years is so a charitable cause! Anyways my birthday gets here, my wife and I plan out our budget. None of it concerned the Sony RX100V. We both decided on $160 Fun money each for the next 2 weeks.

She goes in to Ross, spends $30 and is super happy with what she got.

I go in to Best Buy to buy another mic. Plan to spend $100 and see the Sony RX100V marked down from $1000 to $499!!!!

I don’t have $500+ in fun money. But I do have it in emergency.

This stupid chaotic way of thinking is what gets most of us in trouble. I’ve been seeing non stop promotionals about this tool that I’ve been wanting, know the price and because of that will stop at nothing to obtain this magic pandora’s box and claim it as an ROI.

Here’s are my original thoughts about the camera:.

In short, I’m actually disappointed with the RX100V and I’ll make it short here:

  • It overheats all of the time

  • You can only use 5 minutes of 4K before it stops recording

  • You have to have a special memory card for 4K (another $50)

  • The batteries die extremely quick — I’ve purchased 10 of them plus chargers ( $150)

  • Audio is okayish

  • The color science doesn’t match well with Canon

  • And lastly, the overall quality image of my Canon SL2 which I bought for $600 is generally better.

Here are my thoughts on the camera after owning it for 4 months:

The RX100V is like the sister that gets on your nerves but you love unconditionally.

It overheats all of the time

  • Still overheats

  • Still need a special memory card

  • Batteries still die quickly

  • Audio is stil okayish

  • The color is actually pretty damn good.

  • The SL2 does bokeh better, but the dynamic range on this this is sick

  • Also, you can pull this thing out anywhere and get a great shot

  • A beast in low light

  • The 120 slow mo paired with the dynamic range and wide angle makes this thing sick for establishing shots with depth

  • It has a very poor build quality so you have to treat it with extra care.

So to wrap this up. This isn’t a diss to Sony nor Minimalism. Neither are to blame.

I take full responsibility in being a dumbass. It is my fault that I bought another piece of expensive gear in the name of ROI or productivity or Minimalism.

The deed has been done and it will do the job as my Camera B quite well. But at the end of the day, I ask, at what real cost?

Within the last week of her life, the RX100V really grew on me and produced one of my favorite films. I learned that she didn’t have to be 1st, but a compact lean mean dynamic wide angle machine that was always there…until she wasn’t.

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