Will Mosley, Creative Director

Will Mosley, Creative Director

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What budget drone should I buy in 2019?

What budget drone should I buy in 2019?

Alright, so here’s a film with footage from my drone. Watch it to get a good idea of what type of footage you can get from a budget level drone and then we’ll talk after the film.

So there's two ways to look at it. Typically your first drone you get you're going to crash or lose (the odds are just against you - it's like learning how to drive and respecting the limits)

Your first drone

So if you're needing something that can get in the air (about 1000 - 2000ft up and you're on a budget, I'd definitely recommend the DJI Spark. That's what you're seeing in this video. it retails for $399 right now with the remote (which is a must) you'll probably want 1 extra battery - but not necessary I've found. It shoots 1080HD @ 30fps.

Better quality and range

If you're looking for better quality, depth and range (the signal is the most important part of the drone), I'd go with the Mavic Air which is only $799 right now. You'll of course want a remote, ND filter, controller and extra batter so it will probably run you about $1000 by the end of it. You can get miles up in the air and get crazy eagle eye looks from that high. It also shoots 4K @60fps with better stabilization. Meaning smoother footage because you can slow out any jerks. Also better battery life.

Both of these drones are small which is super important when carrying with you.

The stupid things I learned from crashing my first drone

When you get a drone just like getting a car, it's cool to rev the engine and get it as high as you can because you can, but a drone really because a great tool when you learn how to get it in the air and literally circle the area slowly at about a 45 degree angle. In post you only need 2 or so seconds of each shot which equates to about 10 shots per flight.

It’s all about getting over your fear of people looking at you

A bonus would be you just have to have 15 seconds of courage to take the plane out and just fly it. I find going on a rooftop or some where a little less public takes the anxiety of getting it in the air while people are watching much less weighing.

So simple to forget, but here’s the secret to not crashing your drone

Lastly, it may seem obvious, but really observe your area when you're flying (this was my biggest mistake and why I lost my first drone). Make sure that you can see easy sight lines in the air (not that many trees in the way) You ALWAYS want to be able to see your drone. TRUST ME. That's where crashing it starts to become a real reality. Done ever fly it in to the sun. You don't need to fly it high to get a good shot.

Use a separate phone, seriously

And ALWAYS use a separate phone (if you have one for it.) Drones connect to the controller which then connects to the wifi of your phone. If you have a dedicated phone that isn't connected to your home network or any other wifi, it makes it much easier to pull it out and get in the air quickly. Also always turn the bluetooth off on that phone. (your regular phone will work, just a hassle to turn bluetooth and change wifi networks every time)

Do I need cellular reception?

Lastly, crazy and surprising, you don't need a cellular connection to fly the drone. It just magically happens from the reception of the RC remote. Now that's boss. Hope this helps.



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